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An original hand-stitched textile. Presented in a hand-made wooden frame and measuring at 51 x 64 cm.


Ros Johnson continues to be influenced by the patterning of nature and is developing exciting contemporary work with this as her inspiration.


Exploring themes of chaos and order and working a-midst the spontaneity of a mixed media approach to practice; Ros is able to develop and grow visual language from a subconscious state.


The colours and textures of this dry medium… are deconstructed to then be stitched back and passed through the hands as the piece develops...


"Work of this kind holds a Human Vitality", (Johnson 2022).


The result a beautiful and vibrant collection that inhabit the form of a robust, undulating quilt. Created using re-purposed cloth and plastic the work is made to embrace and endure material change.


To view and purchase this work visit


The Artist welcomes visits to her Southbank Studio York and has over 40 unique works on display and ready for sale.



'Toxic Scatterings and Wild Rose Warrior Pink', 2022

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