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M.A. Creative Practice. Leeds Arts University, 2017/19.

Distinction. Access to Fine Art and Design. York College, 2016/17.

Diploma in Physical Theatre. IGUTE, international. 2008 – 2010.

B.A. (Hons) in Acting for Film, Theatre and Television. Arts Institute, Bournemouth. Sept 2005 – June 2008.

“The charm of the line in and of itself – the line in space as well as the line drawn on a surface, and the nothing between the lines and the sparkling when they cross, when they are interrupted, when they are of different colours or different types” (Goldschmidt, G. 2005)

Ros Johnson's work incorporates complexities of line, layers, colour, tone and composition. I explore the contrasts between disparate materials and their interaction with light and shadow. 

Multidisciplinary Artist at Ros Johnson Design. Abstract painting, Fine Art Textiles and Surface Design.

Artist lead Interior Design. St Georges Guest House York. June 2021- August 2021. To develop and execute the themes, colours and features for a luxurious and artistic family room. Working closely with a range of trade people and maintaining commercial standards for functionality whilst achieving beautiful and bespoke interior design.

Creative Lead at Space Invaders The Malthouse. October 2019 - January 2020.

A community arts warehouse takeover project. Over-seeing the design of the building's interior, artistic programming, studio management and workshop facilitation.

Co Founder and Project Manager at The Water House Studios.

An ambitious project to renovate and manage city centre art studios. January 2018 - March 2020.

Artistic Director and Founder, Charcoal. Nov 2011- January 2016.

A company providing children's large scale abstract art workshops. Making art experiences accessible to communities and children from all backgrounds. 

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